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Embellished Sweater DIY

I saw an embellished sweatshirt in the Vogue September Issue and fell in love, but the one I saw was somewhere around $2k, so I decided to make one myself! I was planning to use an actual statement necklace and sew or glue gun pieces of it onto my sweater neckline, but I found a remnant at a local fabric trimmings shop for $1 which was perfect. I’ve had a vintage Italian sweater sitting in my closet for over 5 years, and thought that a glittery makeover was exactly what it needed. All you need is:


-embellished fabric/trimming/statement necklace with flat backs

-needle & thread




First, position the embellishment around the neckline and pin in place. (If using a real necklace, use strong wire cutters to trim off the chain extra lengths. I would recommend glue gunning in addition to sewing.)


Next, simply begin sewing in between the beads, making your way all around and securing the whole piece. I sewed around all the edges and then one line through the middle.


Now all you do is trim away any excess fabric


Voila! My embellished sweater DIY cost me $1… beats $2,000!



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